authors: Marzena Hmielewicz and Marcin Jamkowski

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Marzena Hmielewicz

Marzenka Freelance photographer working for Kontynenty, Newsweek, National Geographic, Polityka, NG Traveler, Twój Styl, Podróże, Financial Times and Gazeta Wyborcza. Graduated from Poznan Art School. For her works Marzena has been awarded at Euro Press Photo Awards (Stockholm), Polish Press Photography Contest (Warsaw) and Humanity Photo Avards (China). Exploration expeditions member and author of the photo exhibitions: „Steuben, Bloody Mystery of the Baltic Sea”, „Vistula Sunken Treasures”, „Territories”. Photo artist creating fine art archival prints series connecting photography and painting.

Marcin Jamkowski

Jamkos Writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker specialized in covering expeditions, exploration and popular-science topics. Dedicated rock climber and scuba diver. Graduated from University of Warsaw in chemistry, later studied screenwriting, film directing and documentary film production at Harvard and MIT. Vicepresident of The Explorers Club Polish Chapter, TEDx speaker, Canon Ambassador. Former Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic and NG Traveler magazines (Polish editions). His story about Steuben shipwreck discovery was published in National Geographic worldwide in more than 20 languages.
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