authors: Marzena Hmielewicz and Marcin Jamkowski

Vistula Sunken Treasures 


Vistula Sunken Treasures


  Twelve tons of beautiful marble stoneworks, cannonballs, cannon wheels – all from early 17th century were found by our expedition in Vistula River, Warsaw, Poland. All of them come from the robbery made by Swedish soldiers 350 years ago in the Royal Castle in Warsaw during the war between Poland and Sweden called Swedish Deluge. The treasures were put by soldiers on the barge that sunk into the river minutes after departure. The expedition led by dr Hubert Kowalski, dr Justyna Jasiewicz and Marcin Jamkowski located the place and retrieved marbles. The whole story will be told in the film “Vistula Sunken Treasures” that Marcin works on with Konstanty Kulik.

Vistula Sunken Treasures film's webpage


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